Is VideoMakerFX Really Good for You?

Are you considering to make professional videos with VideoMakerFX? As a matter of fact, VideoMakerFX happens to be one of the hottest video creation tools in the market today. Since its release in May 2014, the software has been quite popular and for that it has broken records in terms of total sales. After having bought and used the software myself, I thought, why not write a review to help you decide if it’s worth your while?


What Is VideoMakerFX All About?


VideoMakerFX is an animated video creation software that helps you make friendly, personable videos for your personal as well as business purposes. It’s ideal for making videos for the following purposes:


· Product Promotions
· Affiliate Reviews
· Amazon Product Reviews
· Offline Business Promotions
· Text Articles to videos
· Business Presentations
· Cool Photo Slideshows
· Logo Intros and Stingers

And of course, a whole lot more!

Pricing Policy


Each comprehensive package gives you access to:

· Powerful VideoMakerFX software
· Full resell rights
· Over 35 themes comprising more than 240 scenes
· Over 20 royalty free music tracks
· Beautiful backgrounds and graphics

All this for $47, with the possibility of making a fortune with your videos.


Of course, there’s nothing fancy about this software. You’ve probably seen similar tools. However, it’s the tool’s style that makes it different from the rest. You get to own all the videos that you create with the software, and thus you’re free to do with them as you please and store them wherever you like.

Other pros of using VideoMakerFX include:

· 20 royalty-free music tracks to help you pass your message
· 240+ animated slide scenes to help you create background graphics
· Compatibility with both Mac and Windows
· HD image quality
· Easily understandable training guides
· Awesome support

Honestly, I didn’t have any problems using the software. In fact, I found that the tool offered exactly what it claimed to offer. On the other hand, the thing that challenged me most was the fact that each slide held a restricted number of characters. The tool is designed for precise videos; no room for fluff. This may not be a problem though. After all, doesn’t adding fluff present the risk of confusing your audience?

Are you ready to make professional videos with VideoMakerFX? Let us know in the comments.