How to make $5000 a month with Dropshipping and Salehoo Directory

Do you have selling skills but don’t have your own goods to sell? With this guide, I will show you how to start your dropshipping business with Salehoo directory.
What’s Dropshipping All About?
Drop shipping refers to a retail method where you get to partner up with a wholesale supplier. Your work here is to find customers and transfer their order and shipment details to the supplier, so that they can ship the goods directly to the customers.
As a drop shipper, you’re saved from the trouble of having to stock, package and ship your own goods. Furthermore, you don’t have to risk your cash producing items that may or may not sell.
1. Find a Supplier to Work With
The Salehoo directory contains a list of many decent suppliers who stock a wide array of products. It would be good to go for local suppliers with experience in drop shipping.
When negotiating a deal with them, ask them these questions:
  • How long will you take to ship the order once I have placed it?
  • What are your shipment methods?
  • How do you track the shipment to ensure it is delivered in a timely manner?
  • What quality control measures do you utilize?
  • Do you offer warranties?
  • Can I use your product photos?
Work with those whose answers depict what you’re looking for.
2. Choose Products to Sell
Use the Salehoo market research lab to find the best-selling products. The tool will give you insight into:
  • The average selling price
  • Average shipping price
  • Sell-through rate
3. Obtain a Tax ID
Some suppliers require that you have a sales tax ID before they can do business with you. All you have to do is google [your state/sales tax id].
4. Pick a Selling Platform
The most obvious selling platforms are:
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Bonanza
Consider joining as many selling sites as possible. After all, most are free to join and by joining many selling sites, you will be able to reach as many potential customers as possible.
If you’re looking to maximize your efficiency, try setting up your own eCommerce site with Salehoo, which allows you to open your own store effortlessly. They even offer you a 30-day trial to help you figure out if their store is helpful.
Once you choose some items to sell, you will only have to list them on your selling platforms. Then, each time you make a sale, you will collect the money, keep your profit, and send the rest to your supplier by placing an order for the item. The supplier will then ship the product directly to the customer.
Isn’t that hassle-free? You can now go ahead and start your dropshipping business with Salehoo.
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