He created a successful business working a few hours after being fired from his job

Sitting on a beach in Thailand, looking towards the horizon and seeing life go by with nothing shocking to cling to, John Crestani reached out and took one of the books he had brought from home.

He was 21 years old and had recently been fired from his job in the United States. He had also dropped out college and, with a family loan, had embarked on a long journey to the Asian extreme, with the intention of “finding himself.”

It was then among the books in his backpack, in addition to a Bible and a Bhagavad Gita, Crestani took The 4-Hour Workweek, a self-help manual written by the entrepreneur Tim Ferris that rejects the style of life of eight hours of work during five days a week, and that proposes a redesign that makes us save with a view to retirement.

So John Crestani was seduced by Ferris’s proposal to abandon a historical style that changes time for money, to focus on building a company that can manage itself.

“I was at a point where my life did not have a meaning; I did not know where I was going, it was empty, “says Crestani in an interview with Forbes. Then I thought ‘This sounds great, I want to do it’. “

Crestani built a network of affiliate marketing that currently generates between a quarter of a million and a half million dollars a month, and that allows you to travel around the world.

But the success of that distant 2009 in which Crestani roamed the beaches of Thailand has not arrived at once. There had to be several failures and not a few false starts, before this entrepreneur came to set up a truly profitable business.

The first thing he did was sell products through eBay, with profits between one thousand and two thousand dollars a month, although he had to face a call from the PayPal security team, as Crestani sold products with which PayPal did not agree . Hence, the business closed to the act.

Then the young man returned to the studies and tried to make his fortune with his colleagues, taking advantage of his technical knowledge to find the answers of the online exams of the largest universities, which he then commercialized.

“It was a strange feeling,” he says now. I had never imagined that a PDF file could be so valuable. It was my first knowledge experience in exchange for money. “

Despite the 1,000 dollars produced in just the first day, Crestani had to abandon the project when he learned that the school suspected his illicit management.

The next step was to join as a simple worker in a company: eight hours of work, five days a week.

As an employee in a marketing company in Los Angeles, Crestani learned the abc of digital commerce and in a short time already controlled twenty client accounts, produced attractive ads and even presented bid strategies to increase sales.

But when he had become a star of advertising, with solid contributions to the company, the young man decided it was time to ask the boss for a salary increase. The superior did nothing but ignore him and ask him to return to his post. A short time later he was fired.

Now he was convinced that it was time to never have a boss looking over his shoulders, and that his knowledge of online advertising would lead him to achieve his goal.

It was then that he planned to promote the products developed by other companies, instead of spending large amounts of time and money creating theirs.

Crestani linked himself to the manufacturers of homeopathic products, to whom he offered advertising campaigns in exchange for succulent profit margins. Then he created the firm Nutryst, through which recruits and teaches other affiliates to sell these products on their own, causing a network effect that generates massive income per month close to six zeros.


But the key to its success is beyond:

“Every million dollar advertising campaign I launch, I record myself obsessively on my computer in the creation process. I pass the modules to my team and I make sure they can do as good a job as I do. “

The result is a business that expands whenever you need it; Crestani and his team in ten increase advertising investment in the right areas and observe how they increase the profits they acquire as a result.

The truth is that this young entrepreneur never lowered his guard in his efforts to achieve autonomy, not having to endure ever more the looks of the bosses, but above all to someday reach the famous four hours of profitable work a week .

Now, at 28, John Crestani, a millionaire and newly married, evokes his toughest years, but he never stops dreaming of new projects. He knows that you can. His brief trajectory is proof of that.