Affiliate Marketing: an excellent way to earn money online

In this article we will discuss one of the online marketing strategies that currently generate excellent profits.¬†You don’t have to pay any monthly or annual fee to join a program.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to earn a commission promoting other people products. They can be from companies or bloggers.

For example, Amazon have affiliates that promote their products and earn a commission by selling them.

How does it work?

When you join an Affiliate program and choose what product you want to sell, the merchant will provide you with a “unique affiliate code” that you must use to refer your followers to the product. This code will be used to track the sales made through your affiliate ID. In other words, to make it simple, they give you a link that you will use to refer customers to your site; Each time someone uses that link to enter your site, it will be recorded as a customer that belongs to you. . It’s that simple!

Finally, another fundamental point that you must take into account before joining, is to make sure that what you recommend is something really good, since it would not be very convenient for your followers to be dissatisfied customers.

Who can Join an Affiliate Program?

Anyone can become a successful affiliate.

Today it is possible to find a large number of products thanks to the digital market is constantly expanding, so you can choose those that have more affinity with your business or followers. In addition, it is possible to find many materials about affiliate and marketing techniques to use in the promotion.

You do not need a web page to start in this business. You can promote your product using Facebook, Instagram and any social network that you manage. Even using messaging programs like WhatsApp.

How can I start?

There are many affiliate programs on the internet but one of the most popular is ClickBank. You can earn up to 70% in commissions for each product you sell.

You can watch the full video with a better explanation.