4 Proven Methods for Making More Money Blogging

Have you ever wondered how to make $5000 a month from blogging? You wouldn’t be the first, and you won’t be the last. The truth is making money from blogging is like everything else, it takes hard work. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. For example here are some of the most profitable proven methods that bloggers use to make a living.


1) Quality Content The first method might seem basic, but sometimes you need to get back to basics. Too many bloggers spend more time focusing on quantity than quality, and they’ve paid the price for it. Google hates filler content, and so do your readers.Well written content has the potential to earn income for years in the future, but useless content is just as soon forgotten when read.


2) Guest Posts It;s a good bet your not going to be the only blogger on whatever subject you’ve chosen to blog about. This isn’t something you should see as a disadvantage, quite the opposite in fact. Guest postings from other bloggers in the same niche can not only expose your blog to a wider audience. It can help you build relationships with other bloggers, and who knows what kind of potential income this could represent for the future?


3) Product Reviews Making money from affiliate sales can be one of the most profitable ways a blogger can earn money. This method though comes with a warning. You should never recommend a product you haven’t tested or used yourself. Remember the idea is to build a relationship of trust with your readers, and that can’t happen if your writing glowing reviews for crappy products. Eventually, the truth will come out, and your blog will suffer for it.


4) Use Your Blog as a Springboard When it comes to learning how to make $5000 a month from blogging you need to remember to be flexible. A lot of famous bloggers have used their blogs as a way to build an audience and then branched out into other products. These could be everything from ebooks, software tools, or workshops where you teach in person. While this isn’t the route all bloggers take, it does remain one of the more profitable ones. In the end, though there a bunch of different ways to make money blogging, it’s up to you though to decide which one works best for you.

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